No depth limit on my insurance – wohoo!!!

A Bunnie recently declared that she had insurance that had no depth limits and was therefore free to dive as deep as she wanted.

As a certified rescue diver with a deep certification she was certified to dive to 40m so completely understood that she couldn’t go beyond this depth. So presumed happy days when it came to how deep she wanted to go... err, no!

Take out specific dive insurance

You can (and Dive Bunnies suggests should) take out dive specific insurance which will often come with no depth limits.  However, this is a bit of a misnomer.

What it means is that your insurance won’t be nullified just because you breach a particular depth limit.  What it doesn’t mean is that you have no depth limits or that you simply need to dive within your certification.

Think before you dive below 30 metres

The maximum depth of a dive is generally accepted by mainstream dive agencies as being 30m.  Those of you who have a deep certification may be able to dive to 40m or even deeper. 

Going below 30m should only ever be part of a specific plan to visit a specific thing as part of a dive... 

Deep certification doesn’t mean you can drift below 30m because you feel like it or see something you like the look of. If you have a habit of doing this then your insurance company will take the view that you don’t follow safe dive practices. Their policy wording often says, “Follow your association's guidelines.”

Don't risk no protection

Keep to safe dive practices. If you don’t, then the no depth limit offers no protection.  And if you choose to ‘lose’ your dive computer on the offending dive the likelihood is your insurance company will point to unsafe dive practices regardless of depth! 

Dive safe Bunnies, dive sensible and dive right!


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