Welcome to Dive Bunnies!

Dive Bunnies is a membership organisation for like minded scuba diving enthusiasts who are more interested in experiences, enjoyment, travel and personal improvement than how deep their last dive was.

We are a community first and foremost, which means:

  • We are agnostic in terms of training agencies 

  • We are not a political organisation

  • We are conservationists

  • We believe climate change is real

  • We champion shark conservation

Dive Bunnies is a state of mind

We are scuba divers who love being under the water, sharing bubbles and being chilled. All divers are welcome, and we have just as many boy bunnies as girl bunnies. Our only stipulation for being a dive bunny is that you leave your ego behind and smile...heaps!

We are mostly about scuba diving but you don't have to be a diver to become a Dive Bunny.

If you are new to scuba diving then you'll find a calm, friendly place where you can ask all your scuba diving questions and maybe meet a new dive buddy or two.

A scubadivers mask strap with "dive bunnies" written on it with the dive bunny logo, sitting on a rock with the tropical ocean in the background



As an organisation we are based in the UK but dive across the globe - although mostly in the northern hemisphere. 

Is scuba diving safe?

[Note: This blog refers to recreational sport diving only. Recreational technical diving, scientific diving and military diving are not covered] Overall,  when we are asked if Scuba diving is safe Read more

Does it matter if I have a longer safety stop?

As we covered in our blog, What is a safety stop in diving?, at the end of each dive you should look to complete a three minute safety stop, at around five metres (16 feet). This is not mandatory,Read more

Travel insurance or diving insurance? What do we think in 2022?

Travel insurance is a big issue in 2022 as a result of a scramble in the industry to reduce potential financial exposure to COVID19. Beyond the complexities of the current insurance environment,Read more

No depth limit on my insurance – wohoo!!!

As we covered in our blog Travel insurance or diving insurance? What do we think in 2022?, we are of the opinion that every scuba diver should have full travel insurance with a specialist scuba diviRead more

Shore diving made easy

Anyone who knows Dive Bunnies knows that  we are big fans of scuba diving independently (something that we covered in our 2 part blog, Can I dive independently). The freedom to pick and chooseRead more

Real navigation in scuba diving

Navigation in scuba diving is seen as something of a dark art. We have heard many, many scuba divers comment that they could never navigate a dive, even sites that they may have dived on multipleRead more

Can I dive independently? (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of Can I dive independently? Make sure you have read part 1 first!Read more

Can I dive independently? (Part 1)

This is the first of a two part blog in which we will be discussing how certified scuba divers can begin to enjoy the freedoms of diving independently... (Part 2) Scuba diving is a very social activRead more

Can I get Decompression sickness scuba diving?

Scuba diving has an enviable safety record but as with any activity it has a level of inherent risk that cannot be completely avoided - simply reduced.  Everything from equipment manufacturingRead more

Can I ignore my safety stop when diving?

This is always a bit of a controversial one but the answer is quite simply yes. Not only can you ignore your safety stop whilst scuba diving but there are occasions when, and circumstances under whiRead more

What is a safety stop in diving?

Put simply, a safety stop is a pause that a scuba diver makes during their return to the surface after a dive. The pause, or stop, is typically conducted at a depth of 5 metres (18 feet) for betweenRead more

Why You Should Care About Coral Bleaching

Unfortunately we’ve all heard the words ‘coral bleaching’ being used more and more in the last few years, but it’s not always explained to the full extent that it could be.Read more


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