Dive Bunnies is a membership organisation for like minded scuba diving enthusiasts who are more interested in experiences, enjoyment, travel and personal improvement than how deep their last dive was.

We are a community first and foremost which means:

  • We are agnostic in terms of training agencies 
  • We are not a political organisation
  • We are conservationists
  • We believe in climate change 
  • We champion shark conservation

Dive Bunnies is a state of mind.

We are scuba divers who love being under the water, sharing bubbles and being chilled. All divers are welcome, and we have just as many boy bunnies as girl bunnies. Our only stipulation for being a dive bunny is that you leave your ego behind and smile...heaps!

We are mostly about scuba diving but you don't have to be a diver to become a Dive Bunny.

If you are new to scuba diving the you'll find a calm, friendly place where you can ask all your scuba diving questions and maybe meet a new dive buddy or two.

A scubadivers mask strap with "dive bunnies" written on it with the dive bunny logo, sitting on a rock with the tropical ocean in the background



As an organisation we are based in the UK but dive across the globe - although mostly in the northern hemisphere. 

Can I get Decompression sickness scuba diving?

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Can I ignore my safety stop when diving?

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What is a safety stop in diving?

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Why You Should Care About Coral Bleaching

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How Do Fish Reproduce?

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Is renting scuba diving equipment safe?

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How do sharks reproduce?

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Should I buy second hand scuba diving gear?

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Sharks and their Senses

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Front Zip vs Back Zip Wetsuits

Should you wear a front or back zip wetsuit? There isn’t really a right or wrong answer, however there are many opinions.  There are a few different types of zips for wetsuits - and there areRead more

Why are hammerhead sharks different?

This is the first in our series of  'I want to know about...' blogs.  We're looking at hammerhead sharks, and why specifically they've evolved so differently to every other species of shark.Read more


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