Dive bunnies is all about a state of mind. We are scuba divers who love being under the water and sharing bubbles and being chilled. All divers are welcome, and we have just as many boy bunnies as girl bunnies. Our only stipulation for being a dive bunny is that you leave your ego behind and smile...heaps!

Us dive bunnies are passionate about the ocean, we support Project Aware and want to help spread the word to make sure it can be enjoyed by future generations of 'Dive Bunnies' forever...


Dive Bunnies dive out of Fuerteventura and Santa Pola, Spain but we're from all over the UK and hook up when we can.

Diving with your children

This topic is something us Dive Bunnies are intrigued by. You can find many blogs on the subject of children diving - the age restrictions, depth limits etc. but what about from the parentalRead more

What if I feel sick whilst diving?

It may be the boat trip, it may be the night before or it may even be some of your buddies but there is always an outside chance that you could feel a bit icky under the water.  It’s really rare,Read more

Can I dive when I'm on my Period?

Another blog about the simple realities of life that can sometimes interfere with Bunnies' underwater activities - the monthly curse, monthly cycle or Period - can you dive when you’reRead more

Dive holiday packing list

For a bunny there is nothing better than arranging a dive holiday.  Other than actually going on it naturally. Packing is, let's face it, a bitch but the excitement of booking a trip often leadsRead more

WTF is going on with my computer?

Recently a Bunny contacted us to explain that they had purchased a new computer - or rather a second hand one that was in great condition - nothing wrong with that! A new battery and o-ring laterRead more

To pee or not to pee....

To pee or not to pee… and whilst we’re at it… why do I need to pee? No Bunny has ever peed in their wetsuit, none, zero, nada… it is something that instantly disqualifies you from being a DBRead more

Must I do my deepest dive first

Deepest dive first……. Really? We are all taught that you need to do your deepest dive first and make your subsequent dives shallower.   That is simply safe diving protocol and we all adhere toRead more

Tank on or off?

Those Bunnies of a certain age will remember being told that when you turn your tank on you open it fully and then turn back a quarter turn. Those Bunnies who are newer to diving may well still beRead more

To service, or not to service....

That is most certainly not the question in our opinion as we say yes – get your kit serviced. A recent debate in the warren was triggered by a bunny asking if their kit needed servicing as theyRead more

Can you get your diving mojo back?

But it might take a little time and patience. We have some ideas and suggestions that could help you get back under the waves. They won’t work for everyone but this is a list we’ve put togetherRead more

Navigate a dive site? No way...

This fortunate Dive Bunny recently enjoyed a fantastic holiday in a place referred to as 'the diver’s paradise'. Bonaire…utterly mesmerising and I highly recommend it as a destination - althoughRead more

Computer Says 'no...'

We love our dive computers! Love them. They’re either our own personal dive companion, dive buddy (and let’s face it they don’t drift off and do their own thing) or simply prove to the novicesRead more


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