Dive Bunnies is a state of mind.

We are a not for profit organisation open to anyone who has a love of the ocean (or sea, lake, loch, fjord or any other sizeable body of water).

For clarity we are not a training organisation, although most of our senior members are certified scuba diving Instructors. 

We are also not a political organisation but do support conservation projects and organisations - if you're a climate change denier, then we are not the place for you.

We are scuba divers with a passion for our sport, conservation and life in general and whilst you don't need to be a scuba diver to be a Dive Bunny, you might find the rest of us a bit boring if you're not!

All we ask is that you're friendly, supportive, fun and possess absolutely no ego.  

Dive Bunnies Values

  • Respect - we respect and will listen to the views of others. If we disagree we do so professionally and politely
  • Ownership - we are responsible for actively addressing climate change and shark conservation. We are responsible for our dives, no one else. 
  • Education - we are always looking to learn more & to challenge our own beliefs (we let others come to us, not attempt to educate them)
  • Honesty - we declare any interests without embarrassment or a need to change elegance
  • Enjoyment -  This is not work, this is about everyone enjoying life more


Created in 2012, (or 2013 – we’re a little hazy on that) Dive Bunnies was originally a small group of like-minded divers who always seemed to end up on the same scuba dives together.  

Bonds grew, friendships developed and it soon became clear that those of us on a bunnies' dive shared a certain mindset. 

Word spread and others asked to join us on a 'Bunnies' Dive'.

Originally these were girl-only scuba dives but boys who felt the same soon asked to join the gang. Dive Bunnies was up and running or should we say, diving!

We’re probably 80% girls now but boys are more than welcome to join us – we have no allegiance to any dive organisation, we don’t push anything political (beyond conservation) and we don’t care what sex, race, age, colour or size you are.

You’re either a Dive Bunny or you’re not.  It's a state of mind.


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