scubadiver swimming over the photographer with a buoy in the background and a rock wall on the right
A rock wall dropoff with a school of sea bream swimming over it
four scubadivers at varying distances, upright looking at the camera and wearing pink bunny ears
two scubadivers wearing hoods, underwater taking a close up selfie



Fuerteventura is affectionately known as ‘The Rock” by the expats that are lucky enough to live there. 

It is the second largest and oldest of the Canary Islands; although perhaps not as well known as its neighbours Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

A part of Spain, the Island itself is quite barren and almost desert-like in feel but its volcanic origins make for some pretty impressive underwater typography. 

Located around 4 hours' flight from the UK, the Island offers year round diving


Although you can dive throughout the year, we would recommend visiting in the autumn. The Island is known for strong winds which can make for some bumpy boat rides and October/November consistently sees the winds drop - making for very pleasant diving conditions.

Getting there:

Fuerteventura is approximately 4 hours' flight time from the UK and is serviced by all the major European airports. As a bonus, all of the low cost airlines run regular, scheduled services.


Diving in Fuerteventura is mostly by boat. There is some shore diving but mostly you’ll be using RIBs to scoot out to dive sites. 

The topography of the island means that there are some really cool wall dives and also some unique sites in the north of the island (out of Corralejo).

Currents are to be expected and occasionally these can be quite strong.  

The water temperature when diving in Fuerteventura usually touches 23 degrees celsius in the summer with the temperature still above 20 degrees in early November.

Marine life:

What you can expect diving in Fuerteventura - octopus, sea bream, wrasse, moray eels, tuna, ambajacks, rays 

Who to dive with:

Deep Blue Diving - Fuerteventura.  One of the best set-ups we have encountered in Europe and only 10 minutes from the airport.


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