Meet the Dive Bunnies Team

A lady scuba diver in a wetsuit on a boat smiling and holding dive computers

Amanda - Staff Instructor

In 2005 Amanda decided that she’d had enough of cold Melbourne winters, swapped Australia for steamy Vietnam and soon found herself on her first dive in the Philippines…was she actually on the run?

Immediately addicted she then spent the next few years diving some of the best spots in South East Asia and in 2014 packed in her real job to become an Instructor and has worked across Indonesia, Dominican Republic and Spain.

Amanda is a Staff Instructor and in addition to the standard diving courses also teaches several specialties including: 

Navigation, PPB, Deep, Emergency Oxygen, Drift Diver, Enriched Air, Night and Limited Visibility, Science of Diving, Navigation, Diver Stress and Rescue.

Locations Dived: Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Borneo, Dominican Republic, Spain, Egypt, Australia. 

A scubadiver instructor underwater laying slightly back, and facing the camera

Phil - Instructor

Phil first came to scuba diving in 2001 and then did exactly nothing about it for the next 5 years; enjoyed his second Discover Scuba Diver course in 2006 before going back into hibernation. 

In 2009 he finally pulled his finger out and certified as a PADI Open Water Diver. By 2013 he had certified as a Dive Master and became an Instructor in 2014.  

Phil is an Open Water Scuba Instructor and also teaches several specialties including:

Deep, Wreck, Enriched Air, Drift, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Emergency Oxygen.  

He also teaches 3 bespoke courses that focus on diving confidence, real navigation and decompression theory (called Deco for Dummies!). 

Locations dived: Bonaire, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, UK, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Cyprus, Florida, Malta, Gozo and Spain.

A scubadiver sitting on a kit bench with her arms crossed smiling

Sarah - Master Scuba Diver

Sarah’s scuba diving journey began when she was ‘lucky’ enough to meet Phil who introduced her to the underwater world back in 2011.

She was hooked from the outset and gained her Rescue Diver certification in 2012 becoming a Master Scuba Diver in 2014.  Her specialities are Enriched Air, Deep Diver, Drift, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Digital Underwater Photography. 

As part of our Dive Bunnies team, Sarah is our digital guru, and her business (Digital Doctor) looks after our online world. 

Locations dived: Bonaire, Bahamas, Fuerteventura, Malta, Gozo and Spain.

A scubadiver sittting on a boat wearing sunglasses, holding on to the rail

Hannah - Rescue Diver

Hannah came to diving 2011, and certified as a Junior Open Water Diver at the tender age of 12 in 2012 and progressing to Junior Advanced Open Water Diver a year later.  

Having spent the last 8 years as a Rescue Diver, Hannah took the plunge (pun intended) earlier this year to certify as a Dive Master and is now a Dive Master in training.

With qualifications in animal management, Hannah keeps the Dive Bunnies team on the straight and narrow when it comes to all things environmental and is also our social media manager and content writer.

Locations dived: Bonaire, Bahamas, Fuerteventura, the Maldives and Spain.

A male scuba diver, under the water by a rock wall looking to the right with a long fish behind him.

Johan - Instructor

Johan really had no choice when it came to becoming a diver. He met Amanda while living in Vietnam and she persuaded him to enjure a Discover Scuba Dive. They then moved to Indonesia where he didn’t need any arm twisting to complete his Open Water and Advanced courses.

Johan certified as a Divemaster, and then took it a step further becoming an instructor in 2017.  

In addition to the standard diving courses Johan also teaches several specialties including:

Deep, Cavern, Equipment Specialist, Emergency O2, DrySuit Diver, Sidemount, Enriched Air Nitrox, Dive Against Debris.

Locations Dived: Philippines, Indonesia, Spain, Egypt, Australia. 


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