Can you get your diving mojo back?

We say: yes you can

But it might take a little time and patience. We have some ideas and suggestions that could help you get back under the waves. They won’t work for everyone but this is a list we’ve put together having spoken to several dive bunnies.

If any diver says they’ve never had a bad dive, would you believe them? If you’re a prolific diver, the law of averages dictates that you’re bound to have a few dives that for whatever reason, don’t get you buzzing. The majority of these dives don’t cause any real concern but there are a small minority that can result in a complete 180 degrees shift and lead you to falling out of love with one of the best hobbies in the world.

We’re not here to collate and grade ‘the worst dive of my life’ list - this post is not designed to fuel negativity particularly when our own personal perceptions of a bad dive are exactly that and for each of us, totally unique. No, we want to offer some practical advice and get those fins twitching again and those bunny noses hankering for the smell of neoprene once more.

Top tips for getting your mojo back

Initial plan of action

  • Read through your log book and recall the wonder from when you first certified.
  • Return to old posts from social media - how happy did you look in those photos?
  • Plan the perfect dive - you don’t have to literally do it, just plan when, where and how. You would be surprised how envisioning a wonderful dive can shift your mindset.

Now be more practical

  • Decide if your next holiday includes diving and find a dive centre who is happy to help you - be honest with the guys, trust us, they’ve helped many divers like you.
  • Book a course - learn a new aspect to diving and be a student again, you can draw comfort from taking instruction again.
  • If you have a great buddy, call on them for support - and plan a benign dive, nice and shallow and you call the shots - being in control reassures many of us.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself - this might take a few more dives so baby steps are advisable.

Are you going through this now or have in the past?

Why not share with us your experiences - let's help all dive bunnies recapture the wonder!


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