Tank on or off?

The big quarter turn debate

Those Bunnies of a certain age will remember being told that when you turn your tank on you open it fully and then turn back a quarter turn.

Those Bunnies who are newer to diving may well still be learning this way.

But it’s wrong as Master Bunny Amanda explains.

“This is something that crept into diving folk law but is not something that any diving agency has ever promoted.  Dive agencies all say that you should fully open the valve – no mention of the ¼ turn back”

So where did it come from?  Amanda continued:

“It’s all to do with dive centres trying to preserve the valves on their tanks.  Old valves could on occasions stick if they were fully opened but it’s really not a problem with newer tanks.  You should only ever have the valve fully on or fully off – absolutely no in-between”

So what about those dive operations that still ask you to quarter turn back the valve?  How should a Bunny handle that?

Amanda was clear:
“No… ask them to point to the paragraph in the dive manual that states this… and be prepared to wait as it doesn’t exist.  Your tank should be either fully open or fully closed, anything in between is madness”

So it’s full on or full of Bunnies, no in-between!

Happy breathing!

Happy breathing!


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