Scuba diving holiday packing list

For a bunny there is nothing better than arranging a scuba diving holiday.  Other than actually going on it naturally.

Packing is, let's face it, a bitch but the excitement of booking a trip often leads bunnies to packing early. For some reason this has been known to magically change the space time dynamic and shorten the time to the departure date.

But each time we pack we seem to go through a dive ritual of checking, double checking and then checking again that we’ve got everything. How many times have you unpacked the whole lot just to make sure one ‘last’ time?

Drives us nuts.  Drives our family nuts. Drives all fellow bunnies nuts and last time we still forgot something.

This time will be different though as we have done a scuba dive checklist!

First things first - kit servicing

Very first thing to think about – waaaaay in advance. Does any of your kit need servicing?

Couple of options here – either get it done before you go or arrange with the destination dive centre for them to do it for you. Make sure you arrange this in advance as some centres can’t service certain makes/models and all of them will probably have to order in a service kit which, depending on where you are going, could take a couple of weeks to arrive.

And don’t just think regs – BCDs also need servicing.

Scuba Diving packing list

This check list assumes you won’t be hiring anything and will be diving independently:

  • Certification card – including your Enriched Air card if you’re intending to dive Nitrox
  • Medical Form (if needed) - yes, the dive centre will email you it in advance if you ask
  • Dive Log – not usually required but some places will ask to see it (particularly for a liveaboard) – check beforehand if you don’t want to pack the extra weight
  • Regs
  • BCD
  • BCD weight pockets!
  • Wetsuit
  • Mask
  • Fins
  • Boots
  • Hood
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Undersuit/rash
  • Snorkel (we don’t personally dive with one but love snorkelling!)
  • SMB
  • Compass
  • Computer (check the battery)
  • Camera (perhaps a little grease on the O-rings?)
  • Camera case
  • Camera charger!
  • Camera download connector and cable!
  • Torch (perhaps a little grease on the O-rings?)
  • Torch batteries
  • Knife
  • Waterproof pouch
  • Cuddly toy (my personal preference is a plush SpongeBob who has dived with me for years)
  • Allen key set (for whipping out inserts if diving DIN)
  • Hair bands (optional for boy bunnies)
  • Slate
  • Save-a-dive kit (including multi-tool)
  • Spare fin straps
  • First Aid Kit (modified for diving)
  • EMS details and maps to local EMS & chamber
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Cooler bag
  • Sun cream
  • Mosquito repellent 
  • Leicester Tigers' Cap (other hats are available)

If you’re diving with a local dive centre then the above we think should cover it. If you think we should add anything just let us know!

Hope that helps!

Happy diving.


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